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The October 4th visit to my endocrinologist was a good one. I told her that I had stopped taking any diabetes medications on April 13th, 2021. The doctor looked at my A1c of 5.9 and said "you don't need me anymore!" I was thrilled, and proud, and excited about being in the "pre-diabetic" category now. I realize that a lot of doctors say that there is no such thing as pre-diabetes; you either are or you aren't. And I agree with them. However - having brought my A1c down from a 9.8 (on insulin and Metformin) to a 6.4 (Metformin only) to a 5.9 with no meds - I'm going to take the win and call the type two diabetes period of my life as OVER. I've spent eight years being sick, taking medications, increasing medications, changing medications, and wound up very sick anyway. I'm done with that now. This chapter in my life will be about getting that A1c down under 5.7 (a non-diabetic number), and helping others do the same.

I told my doctor that I took her suggestions and started a blog, and created an instagram and facebook page, to show others what is possible. She loved it! And I told her that I now wanted to use my experience to coach other people on doing what I have done - she said that was a fantastic idea. So here I go... into the coaching business. But unlike a life coach or a nutrition coach with a certificate and a broad approach, my focus is something I've been living through for eight years. I have done the work, the research, the book reading, and the journals - all in an attempt to learn how to use nutrition and exercise to fix my insulin resistance. I think I can save people time and effort by pointing them in the right direction, sharing my resources, and helping them come up with a plan.

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